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Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 NzWk493
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Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3

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Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 Empty Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3

Bài gửi by B_Bin Wed May 15, 2024 9:41 pm

Since the day the world welcomed the diamond-breaking game, many gamers have been immersed. Many people in many age groups, from adults to children, want to break colorful diamonds. And Jewel Temple Island has a great inheritance along with the creativity of the game maker. Players are taken to a context full of mysteries and architecture with ancient designs. That place is an isolated island containing an entire living quarter of the people of the previous era. There are many treasures there, many precious stones engraved with ancient characters. Starting from the first levels, many treasures of old age appeared. Play Jewel Temple Island to unlock those treasures.
Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 Jewel-Temple-Island-apk-free

Download Jewel Temple Island mod – Discover treasures on a deserted island

With Jewel Temple Island, sure, this is an easy game to play but not master. On each game screen, gamers need to destroy the gems from which to collect all the required items. In the early stages, of course, no game maker wants to make it difficult for their customers. The tasks at these levels are pretty light; along with that, the number of moves is also relatively large. Gamers can roam and have fun with their every move. However, later on, the puzzles gradually became difficult, and the items to collect were complicated. And that’s when players need to measure their tactics carefully. Always keep in mind that the number of gem moves is limited. If you find that the number of items to collect is not more than five, please do not rush to rejoice. What needs to be done at that point is to determine how the item to be collected will appear.
Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 Jewel-Temple-Island-mod-apk

Classic gameplay

Indeed when you look at the first images of Jewel Temple Island, you can immediately guess the gameplay of this game. Still, an extremely gentle and easy-to-get-acquainted match-3 style has become a legend. You just need to identify the stones of the same type and find a way to help them in the same row or the same column. It takes at least three gems of the same kind placed side by side to get points. Each successful move will possibly bring you a vast number of issues. If the calculation is thorough enough or you have enough dignity, a few activities can be won. Try to move the gems; you will destroy as many as possible. When you get more than three gems, powerful power-ups appear on the screen. In addition, when combining power-ups, they create incredible powers. You can break dozens of rocks and bring back items with those special power-ups.
Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 Jewel-Temple-Island-apk

Various power-ups

High-level levels will appear challenging, challenging puzzles. And to be able to conquer those problems, learn about the game’s power-ups. First, come to the gems after breaking four stones in one turn. When you get four gems in a vertical or horizontal row, a power-up will appear. Then, combine that stone with two of the same type; you can break a row, a column of gems. If you can link two vertical and horizontal power-ups, you can break the stone into a cross shape. As for the six-color stone, you can use it to destroy all rocks of one type.
Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 Jewel-Temple-Island-mod

A large number of levels

The game makers of Jewel Temple Island have invested a lot in creating levels. Specifically, on the island, there are relics of ancient civilizations, with a total of 500 levels. Each level is designed with a completely different arrangement of gems. Along with that are puzzles, quests, and items to collect separately. At the first level, with the primary function as a guide, you must collect 18 sea stones. With this first level, you are brought up to 20 moves; it couldn’t be simpler. But at level 19, you need to have 21 flowers and 22 grindstones. Purple stones, masks, and artifacts will be the following quests.
Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) 1.16.3 Jewel-Temple-Island-android
Jewel Temple Island is a gem-breaking game with a very familiar match-3 mechanism. Players need intelligent strategies to solve each puzzle on the game screen. Download Jewel Temple Island mod to come to the island of an ancient empire and discover and collect artifacts.

How to Download & Install Jewel Temple Island MOD APK (Auto win/No ADS) for Android


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